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July 2019
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 Marchisio with experience explains the different Allegri and Conti

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Marchisio with experience explains the different Allegri and Conti Empty
PostSubject: Marchisio with experience explains the different Allegri and Conti   Marchisio with experience explains the different Allegri and Conti EmptyTue Sep 16, 2014 4:41 pm

his analysis has been supporting a range of data. From possession, passing the number of

successes and interception against several key data on these four, the embarrassing t for Juve transformation has achieved initial results. The first is averaging

possession, Juve Conti stage I emphasize high closing down, fifa 15 coins ps3 so as to achieve the purpose of seizing

possession, directly contributed to the 2011-12 season, high possession rate of 61.22 percent, down significantly next year to 57.55 percent last season is the lowest

point in three years, only 56 percent. Allegri took over after Juve averaging Possession 64.15 dramatically to the highest level, the battle is as high as 74% Chievo

directly confirms Ma Ying-jeou stressed the point of embarrassing t-tactical requirements impression.

High possession rate can be achieved by passing, Conti three years, Ewing averaged passing numbers were 464 for the 2011-12 season, the 2012-13 season and the 2013-14

season 432 times 445 times, basic maintained at 450 times up and down, chepest fifa 15 coins into the qualitative Allegri

period, averaging the number of passes soared to 546 times. Significantly reduce the number of combat, Conti period averaged success against the number 17, 18 and 14

times, respectively, to Allegri men become 11 times. Interception capabilities are also weakened by the field Conti period were 61 times, 62 times and 59 times, down

to now averaging 55 times. Confrontation and weakening the ability to intercept, how much related with Vidal's absence, but the contact number on the ball and passing

rate of explosive growth, enough to reflect Allegri tactics implication "Spanish flavor."

Compare narrowed to two seasons ago after two games, Conti Juventus Juventus and Allegri also significantly different. 2013-14 season, Juventus team in the first two

games away from the center of gravity for the party 54.4 m, 34.9 m length of the team, averaging offside 2.5 times, averaging Shishe six times in the penalty area, the

season embarrassing t control the Bianconeri, the premise of the first two games the team focus to 55.6 meters, the team increased the length of 39.4 m, averaging only

0.5 times the number of offside, the number shot in the penalty area jumped to 11.5 times, almost Conti period twice, an emphasis on mass control, high compression,

more aggressive on the offensive end, more creative Bianconeri vividly. sell fifa 15 coins
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Marchisio with experience explains the different Allegri and Conti
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