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July 2019
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 Master Liu to get up every day 4:00

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Master Liu to get up every day 4:00 Empty
PostSubject: Master Liu to get up every day 4:00   Master Liu to get up every day 4:00 EmptyTue Jul 15, 2014 4:56 pm

60-year-old sanitation worker Liu master When the fans for the World Cup all night, enjoying beer with barbecue pleasant time when Master Liu has become the biggest victims of this carnival. Master Liu is a sanitation worker, he is responsible for cleaning the road is just a snack street. After the arrival of the World Cup, this street hotel business better, resulting garbage multiplied. But FIFA 14 Coins let Master Liu is miserable, a dozen hotels always put the garbage on the road. "Do not believe? Come and see you in the morning 4:00, they took the road as a garbage dump, oil ah, leftovers, ah, ah full of garbage spilled on the road. Pick up the road every day, we have to pull out two garbage truck, a At least the car can hold fifty-six pounds. "master Liu said.

Master Liu to get up every day 4:00, 5:00 start sweeping the streets, 19:00 to work, and sometimes did not have time to eat at noon. Master Liu is the World Cup, and there is nothing to look forward to and carnival, there are Cheap FIFA 14 Coins only increasing workload, and unspeakable bitterness. Aika La Arena cleaners 58 years Also make the city cleaner bear responsibility cleaners Aika La Arena has a special document, "I can go to court documents in any one area, all places, in addition to the locker room, but they left the stadium after that I can go. "the game, Yi Kala work eight hours a day, work late, but you can also rest in the middle two hours, in her opinion," It's pretty good. "

"There's a lot of competition, almost every Buy FIFA 14 Coins week a (Belo Horizonte Temineiluo arena hosted a total of six World Cup games - Reporters note), do not come here to work, I was at home and watch TV with the kids they watch football, I will follow to see, but they will not come to see me pitch. "Ai Kala said," Today is very special, the golf course has been heard a lot of noise, we know, is German and scored Brazilians do not know what to say, the Brazilian team lost, we're upset, but we have to work, we should throw out of the dirt fans swept together. " FIFA 14 Coins http://www.fifa1314.com
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Master Liu to get up every day 4:00
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