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July 2019
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 After the second half evolutions

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After the second half evolutions Empty
PostSubject: After the second half evolutions   After the second half evolutions EmptyFri Jun 20, 2014 4:21 pm

After Macy's "soldiers remonstrance," Savilla made two adjustments to the lineup, he removed the guard Campagna Ronaldo, Higuain put on, also used Gago, who replaced Javier Mascherano. Give up 5 guard lineup, 4 - 4-2 formation so that significantly improve Argentina's soccer final victory. "Nation", "horn" and other authoritative media are disclosed Savilla was to seize power FIFA 14 Coins in a certain extent, many players, especially Messi, are "command" He gave up five guard lineup. At halftime, Macy's opinions obtained the support of his teammates, while Argentina players make Savilla understand that he made a mistake, the first half of the conservative style of play to the Argentine attack causing injury.

After the second half evolutions, Messi and Gago tacit contact with two strikers Higuain and Aguero is also very close. Argentina fans repeatedly the past few days to discuss a question: Messi is not really a command Cheap FIFA 14 Coins Savilla change formation? "National newspaper," said Macy's requirements, Savilla changed the formation, the 5-3-2 became 4-3-3, and let Higuain and Gago play. Bosnia and Herzegovina's victory also made no mention Savilla 5-3-2, Argentina recently in training, both experimental 4-3-3 formation, Messi believes that this formation is most suitable for Argentina.

Spanish "El Pais" disclosure, Messi won with Savilla be breaking the wrist game. Half of the 5-3-2 tactics to Argentine players confused halftime, Messi and other players to Savilla applied pressure, Argentine coach had Buy FIFA 14 Coins evolutions. Macy few words, but the needle with blood, his face showed when challenging look, it means a storm is coming. Savilla had handed over command of the team Messi, Argentina in order to enter the World Cup final on July 13, it must meet all the requirements of Macy's.Argentina national team players also talked about the past few days related issues, defender Fernandez says that the formation of favorable changes to the Argentine team, "Savilla tested five guard's formation, he thinks it will give the team the advantage , because this is an option, but in fact we evolutions after the team was more in depth. " Buy FIFA 14 Coins http://www.fifa1314.com
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After the second half evolutions
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